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Keeping Year 6 children on track

  • Are you worried that your child is missing out on Year 6 learning during lockdown? 
  • Year 6 Buddy covers all of the learning objectives for Year 6 Maths & English and will keep your child on track, so that they can fly through year 6 with no gaps in their learning
  • ….and transition to secondary school with confidence.
Year 6 Buddy covers all the National Curriculum learning objectives for Year 6 Maths and English. It is year 6 specific, so your child will cover every National Curriculum learning objective set out for Year 6 children for Maths & English, so they won’t fall behind with their age expected learning.

“I was really worried my daughter was getting behind during lockdown, but I’m confident now that she’s back on track. She absolutely loves working through the topics and especially enjoys the animated videos. We’re very happy to have found your website!”
Larissa, Year 6 Parent

How Year 6 Buddy works...


  • Children watch over 100 videos covering the Year 6 learning objectives for Maths and English.
  • A fun and engaging way for children to learn and keep on track!

Take quizzes and tests

  • Children take mini quizzes to test their knowledge of each topic learnt.
  • The tests assess your child’s knowledge in: Arithmetic, Reasoning, Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar, and Reading.
  • Once your child’s confidence has grown, they can choose from 100+ longer tests to really challenge themselves.

View reports to identify gaps in learning

  • Make sure you child focuses on any areas they are struggling with – the reports will identify these.
  • And make sure you also take stock of the topics your child is excelling at – the reports will identify these also!

Read what other parents have to say...

My son’s school has been sending him a lot of work, but he was still falling behind due to the lack of being in the classroom environment. I feel very relieved to have found Year 6 Buddy – the videos and learning material are excellent, and the mini tests in the Learning section are just perfect to check that he’s really taking in and remembering what he is learning.


YEAr 6 PArent

Year 6 Buddy has been instrumental in keeping my daughter up to speed with her Year 6 learning, and as a parent I have complete visibility on how she is progressing via the reporting tool.


Year 6 Parent

Well what can I say, thank you Year 6 Buddy, not only for keeping my son on track with his Year 6 learning, but for providing us with a tool that doesn’t need our supervision (which has kept our house of 3 children a lot more peaceful during home schooling!) – he works through the topics completely independently, and is often engrossed for quite some time with the different topics and videos!


Year 6 parent

...and a year 6 child...

Thank you Year 6 Buddy for creating something just for year 6 children. I’ve been doing a topic a day and am really enjoying it. My teacher says she is happy with the school work I’m doing, so I know it is helping me.

Name Withheld

Year 6 child

FAQs for Parents

Yes it can indeed! Year 6 Buddy covers all of the National Curriculum learning objectives for Year 6 Maths and English. It is year 6 specific, so if your child works their way through every topic, they will have learnt every learning objective that the National curriculum sets out for Year 6 children for Maths and English.

Year 6 Buddy costs £9.97 a month. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Your subscription lasts for one month and then automatically renews – you can cancel your subscription at any time, so it is up to you how long you remain signed up for. You may just wish to use it for one month, or you may wish to use it for the whole of Year 6.

Yes of course, you can cancel it at any time.

Yes it can! Year 6 Buddy can be used on iPads and computers. It can also be used on phones such as an iPhone, but some functionality is reduced on phone models.

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