SATs Boot Camp - will help your child to ACE their Year 6 SATs

SATs Boot Camp gives children who are apprehensive about their Year 6 SATs the practise they need to get confident and ready to ACE their tests.

By the end of SATs Boot Camp your child will have:

  • Nailed all the curriculum topics they need to know for their SATs
  • Tackled lots of topic tests to improve their curriculum knowledge and learning
  • Become a champion of the SATs style questions, by taking over 100 online Practice Test Papers
  • Discovered that "they've got this!" when they move on to taking the actual past SATs papers from 2016 onwards (yes these will be taken online too!)
  • Developed a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses via the easy-to-use reporting tools
  • Grown from apprehensive to feeling confident and ready to march through the doors of their classroom on SATs week!

“What a fantastic tool SATS Boot Camp is! My daughter struggles with some of the essential maths concepts and was worried about her SATS, but with daily practise on SATS Boot Camp she is really starting to fly now!” Lisa - Year 6 Parent

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As a SATs Boot Camp member, you are charged once a month on the date you signed up. You have the freedom to change your plan or cancel online at any time.

How SATs Boot Camp works...



  • 25 days of revision for all Year 6 SATs topics
  • Links to over 1,000 games and learning resources
  • A fun and engaging way for children to learn!


Test your revision

  • Practice tests for every topic, in the style of SATs questions
  • Children can also test themselves on past paper questions from the 2016 papers onwards
  • All tests are instantly marked so learning gaps can be assessed


Take Practice SATs Tests online

  • 20 Spelling tests
  • 10 Spag Short Answer tests
  • 10 Reading tests
  • 25 Arithmetic tests
  • 10 Reasoning 1 tests
  • 10 Reasoning 2 tests
  • Children can also test themselves on past SATs papers from the 2016 paper onwards

All tests are marked instantly online


View reports

  • Reports by test
  • Reports by topic
  • So you can clearly see the topics your child needs more practise on

Read what other parents have to say...

...and a year 6 child...


SATs Boot Camp is an online platform, but the questions are all written in exactly the same format and style as the actual SATs papers, so this repeated practise helps children to get familiar with the SATs papers.

The advantage of using an online platform is that children can get through more questions and more practise than if they were using print outs and a pen and paper.

If you're concerned about your child not being able to do their workings out, we hear of many children who use a pen and paper to write down their workings out and then enter their answers into the platform to be marked.

This comment from a parent sums it up nicely:

"After weeks of trying to progress using SATs practice books, my son jumped from 60% average to 80%+ average in just a few days of using Sats Boot Camp - and found it much more fun and engaging to use."- Philip, Year 6 parent

Yes they can!

If your child already feels confident about SATs, getting practise in the style of SATs papers will still help them.

Children will often make mistakes such as ticking two answers when the question says "tick one", or include or exclude symbols (such as % and £) which result in the question being marked wrong.

So even the most confident of children will benefit from getting familiar with the style of SATs questions - they are written in a very specific format and repeated practise is the only way to get really familiar with them, and to make sure that questions with "tick one" really do have only one answer ticked!

The timer can be removed from tests and it can be added back in if you would like to make the tests timed as SATs week approaches.

Sign up to SATs Boot Camp

As a SATs Boot Camp member, you are charged once a month on the date you signed up. You have the freedom to change your plan or cancel online at any time.

Thousands of schools and parents are revising the smart way with SATs Boot Camp!

In a recent survey, 100% of parents who have used SATs Boot Camp said it massively helped their child with their SATs revision.

We've been creating resources for Year 6 SATs since 2009 and receive a huge amount of awesome feedback. We hope that SATs Boot Camp will help your child too, to revise for their Year 6 SATs – good luck! From the team at SATs Boot Camp.