SATs Boot Camp - helping Year 6 children to ACE their SATs

Teachers – SATs Boot Camp gives busy teachers like you a revision tool to get your class confident and ready to get amazing Year 6 SATs results.

Parents – SATs Boot Camp gives children who are apprehensive about their Year 6 SATs the practise they need to get confident and ready to ACE their tests.

By the end of SATs Boot Camp, children will have:

  • Nailed the curriculum topics they need to know for their SATs
  • Become a champion of the SATs style questions, by taking over 100 online Practice Test Papers
  • Grown from apprehensive to feeling confident and ready to breeze through their SATs!

“If I could only have one subscription for SATs prep this would be it. Kids love it, parents love it, staff love it! Simple and effective.” - Laura, Year 6 teacher

How SATs Boot Camp works...



  • 25 days of revision for all Year 6 SATs topics
  • Links to over 900 games and learning resources to aid KS2 SATs revision
  • A fun and engaging way for children to learn whilst doing their Year 6 SATs revision!


Test revision

  • Practice tests for every topic, in the style of Year 6 SATs questions
  • Children can also test themselves on Year 6 past paper questions from the 2016 papers onwards (teachers - you can switch these off if you don't want your class to access past papers)
  • All tests are instantly marked so learning gaps can be assessed


Take Practice SATs Tests online

Children can take Year 6 SATs practice papers online:

  • 20 Spelling tests
  • 10 Spag Short Answer tests
  • 10 Reading tests
  • 25 Arithmetic tests
  • 10 Reasoning 1 tests
  • 10 Reasoning 2 tests
  • As well as SATs practice papers, children can also test themselves on past SATs papers from 2016 papers onwards

All tests are marked instantly online


View reports

  • Analyse gaps in learning
  • Reporting by class (teachers only)
  • Reporting by individual
  • Reporting by test and by topic


Create Spag papers with Spag Wiz Sheets (teacher's accounts only)

  • As well as the Revision and Practice SATs tests sections of SATs Boot Camp, there is also an area called Spag Wiz Sheets.
  • Here, you can choose from over 1,300 spelling, punctuation and grammar questions to create tailor-made test papers (or “Wiz Sheets”) which are saved to your own library.
  • Print and give your tailor-made Wiz Sheets to your class to test their Spag knowledge - questions are written in exactly the same format as the actual SATs papers.

Read what other teachers & parents have to say...

"SATs Bootcamp is a lifesaver! Both my students and myself love it as it provides suitable online resources all in one place. Whatever the topic, there is always something which can be used for consolidation and extra practise. As a teacher, it allows me to look at how pupils are doing, especially using the arithmetic tests. The children love completing these and trying to beat their best score. I have subscribed to this site for a few years now and can honestly say it saves me so much time and fits in with what I need to teach. I would definitely recommend any year 6 teacher subscribe to this site!”

Year 6 teacher, County Durham
“I'm a year 6 teacher and have been using your boot camp since it was first launched and still haven't found anything else that is comparable. It's so intuitive and has saved me LOADS of time. There should be more companies out there that are genuinely dedicated to helping year 6 teachers and their class in what is often a stressful time.”

Mrs Martin, Year 6 teacher
“I discovered your site a few years ago when looking for ways to support my Year 6 pupils in their SATs revision. Thank you for making the journey less tedious for them. It is particularly useful having sections for different concepts, so that the children are able to handpick the areas that they need most support with. Whenever I go to any local authority CPD, I recommend your site to all Year 6 teachers as a great 'Go To' place.”

Year 6 teacher
“My daughter has been using your educational tools at school in her class with her teacher, and also every night at home on her own. She was in tears a couple of months ago because she was finding it all overwhelming, but she is now calm and focused, and quietly confident about her tests - I am convinced that the tools on your site have been the catalyst for this new found calm. I only wish I had known about them when my eldest daughter took her SATS two years ago."

Anna, Parent of Year 6 child
"I'm just writing you an email to say thank you for SATs Boot Camp - I've been doing the practice tests with my son every night and not only has it helped him to revise, but it's also been bonding for us to sit down and do the tests together. He's definitely more confident now about his upcoming tests."

Louise, Year 6 Parent
"I discovered SATs Boot Camp when my son was doing his SATs tests - he was anxious about his tests, but he loved doing the practice tests and even said that he didn't feel like he was revising as the work was fun to do! My daughter is doing SATs this year, and I've just signed up for her."

Sarah Peterson, Parent Y6 child
"These resources have saved me so much time and my class also love using them so it's win win!"

Anne, Year 6 teacher, Cambridgeshire
"I always look forward to getting my class started on Boot Camp each year - all my year 6 classes have loved it!”

Mr Porthouse, Year 6 teacher
“This resource is a lifesaver - it massively lessens the stress in the run up to SATs.”

Mrs Phillips, Year 6 teacher, Merseyside
“I am logged in now and I love it - it is such a brilliant resource. It is sites like these that make teaching and the resourcing it requires to stay within the realms of sanity. Many thanks for your great customer support also. Many thanks and I am off to save more spag “wiz” papers in my spag library ready to get my lovely year 6 revised up for their date with SATS.”

Sarah, Year 6 teacher
“I've been using Boot Camp for the last 3 years - I use it regularly as it saves me hours of time searching for relevant and appropriate websites, games and activities. The children always love whatever I use. I would recommend Boot Camp to any teacher without hesitation."

Ms Williams, Year 6 teacher, Cheshire

...and a year 6 child...

"Hi do you remember me? I wrote to you before my sats tests when I was really nervous and you really helped me by answering my questions. I just had my sats tests and I think I did pretty good so I am writing to say thank you because SATs Boot Camp helped me so much."

Year 6 child, name withheld

FAQs for Teachers

If you would like to trial SATs Boot Camp we have a 14 day refund period, so if you decide it's not for you simply let us know within the first 14 days of trying it and we will cancel your subscription and refund you in full.

Indeed they can! It always amazes us to see how much it gets used during evenings and weekends! This is testament to how much children actually enjoy the platform - they are choosing to use it in their own time.

Yes you can! You simply delete your Year 6 children and replace them with your Year 5 children, without needing to add any more children's accounts to your subscription.

It's very easy! You simply add your class name(s), then copy and paste your children in a list. If you get stuck, we're on hand to help out.

If you have a list of your class to hand, you can get set up in seconds!

The timer can be removed for any (or all) of the children in your class, and it can be added back in if you would like to make the tests timed as SATs week approaches.

Past papers from 2016 onwards can be taken on SATS Boot Camp and you can switch past paper access from on to off, and vice versa!

If you're a small school, please email us at to discuss this with us.

SATs Boot Camp is an online platform, but the questions are all written in exactly the same format and style as the actual SATs papers, so this repeated practise helps children to get familiar with the SATs papers.

As a Year 6 teacher, I'm sure you've experienced most of your class making mistakes such as ticking two answers when the question clearly says "tick one", or including/excluding symbols (such as % and £) which results in the question being marked wrong. SATs Boot Camp, and the repeated practise it allows, will make sure that questions with "tick one" really do have only one answer ticked!

The plus of using an online platform is that children can get through more questions and more practise than if they were using print outs and a pen and paper. Plus, the tests are marked instantly, which is going to save a lot of time in itself!

If you're concerned about children not being able to do their workings out, we hear of many teachers using the platform who get the children in their class to use a pen and paper to write down their workings out - for example when doing the Reasoning tests - and then enter their answers into the platform to be marked.

Please note: there's a feature included on the platform called Spag Wiz Sheets which allows you to choose from over 1,300 questions to make Spag papers ("Wiz Sheets") about any grammar and punctuation topic - these are all print outs and are not taken online.

FAQs for Parents
Click to read Parent FAQs.

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