Science Boot Camp

How does Science Boot Camp work?

Please note: Science Boot Camp is free – you do not need a subscription to access it.

  • Firstly, download past SATs papers from here: SATs papers.
  • Work your way through the links for each day, then complete the SATs questions for that topic.
  • By the end of Science Boot Camp, you will have completed every question from all past SATs papers.
  • Please note: all links lead to high quality activities/learning zones on reputable sites such as the BBC.

If you are looking for a complete revision tool for SATs, check out Year 6 SATs Boot Camp which consists of Year 6 SATs Practice papers and online tests.

KS2 Year 6 Science

Science Boot Camp was designed to help children preparing for their KS2 Science SATs test. It consists of science questions for KS2 and year 6 science games that can help with children’s science learning. If your school has been chosen to do the Science SATs sampling paper, you can also download past KS2 Science SATS papers.

This free Science Boot Camp offers SATs preparation for Year 6 students, if your school is selected to take Science SATs. If you’d like to help children revise for their Year 6 SATs, then our resources can help. Just work your way through the links for each day and, by the end of the Boot Camp, you will have completed every question from all past KS2 Year 6 SATs papers.
Plus, remember that whether you’re a teacher or a parent, our new SATs Boot Camp can help with KS2 SATs revision, so your children can go into their exams full of confidence.

You can also visit our KS2 Year 6 SATs papers page to find SATs papers for Science, English and Maths.

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